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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Why should smokers defend vapers?

I recently published a post called Why should vapers defend smokers. a lot of people have read it.

But today, I want to ask why smokers should defend vapers.

There has been such bad blood between vapers and smokers with vapers resorting to all the Tobacco Control language like 'the filthy habit of smoking' 'stinkies' (for cigarettes) and repeating Tobacco Control catch phrases and dodgy science about smoking. Even 'vaping saves lives' can be seen as a judgment on smokers.

Smokers see vapers as trampling all over THEM whilst trying to get approval at cost to the already persecuted smoker.

The treatment and complete disregard for smokers has been abominable. My rage was ignited when, as a smoker, on a training course, I was 'allowed' to smoke in a 1910 urinal, uncleaned from that time, stinking of old pee that encrusted the walls and floor - an unused 'room' at the end of the building that was 'the smoking room'. This was way back when businesses were required to provide smoking rooms. I was a dignified woman, being trained to manage other dignified women, and we had to cower in an unclean urinal, trying not to heave or touch anything. The company for whom I actually worked had provided us with a perfectly good smoking room, so the complete disrespect was a stark, offensive thing to me.

There were many, many offensive things done to me as a smoker. I have not forgotten.

But I shall tell you of this experience which branded on my mind that Tobacco Control was the most evil thing and very dangerous in its ideology. I had flown back from Paris. (where there was a charming open air garden in the middle of the airport where smokers could smoke) to Manchester airport. The smokers on the plane, me included, that were travelling up to Cumbria, made a beeline for the station - the OPEN AIR station, to enjoy a cigarette. There were new 'NO SMOKING' signs everywhere. No smoking on an open air station? So we lit up. Within minutes there were airport staff on the platform with squeegy bottles of water spraying those of us who refused to put our cigarettes out. People were shocked. We were being physically attacked in our own country by insane 'enforcers'. We were attacked by our own countrymen.

So you will see that inciting the citizens of a country to attack their own countrymen for an ideology, is not far off dangerous stuff that can spin out of control to much deeper, evil actions.

Smokers in the UK may be attacked in any way, by law, by taxes, by exclusion, by insults, by vilification by anyone, anywhere, however they wish. It is approved of by the state.

There is only one word for such state approved violence in a country - unacceptable!

That is what vapers need to get their heads around. Stop buying into an evil system. Don't do it yourselves!


Smokers - look sharp - the arrival of vaping technology that every passing week is making vaping as pleasurable as smoking, is a wonderful thing for all smokers. Vapers might have insulted you in their efforts for survival, and I'm sorry for that. But suddenly it looks as if vaping will be 'normalised' for the first time in any Western Country. Vapers may vape at work

Smokers could take some time to consider that supporting vapers in their efforts for fairness towards themselves, could be very good for smokers too. Despite the dreadfully unethical actions that you have endured, the fact that there IS a substitute for smoking is a wonderful thing. It's not smoking as you really like to use tobacco, but it's a way to comfort and (even) give you pleasure.

And the best thing I like about vaping EVERYWHERE, which I do on purpose because it gives me such joy, is saying in my mind "Fuck you Tobacco Control, Go stuff yourselves!".

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Why should vapers defend smokers?

My video 'Letter to Theresa May' got shared big time through other people's posts and other bloggers. Unfortunately the election went poorly for Mrs May and it seems she might not be Prime Minister for very long. Also, she had to face two terrorist attacks and the burning of Grenfell Towers. I should imagine my letter is languishing in a file - or rubbish bin/trash dump somewhere in the UK.

I got a reply telling me Mrs May was a bit busy (!), but my letter would be passed to her. But actually Mrs May is still busy. She's trying to save her political life. The letter was a real paper letter - and the next one will be too. But next time, I'll address it to 'The Prime Minister'.

But what THIS post is about is why I defend smokers, when I myself have not smoked a cigarette since 2011.

My letter only concerned smokers - not vapers. 

Why am I not concerned about vapers?

Well I AM concerned about vapers and that's why I defend smokers.

Tobacco Control in all its forms, harm reduction activists, charities, lobby groups, World Health Organisation, The European Union Tobacco Control Directive and all anti-smokers are working at the Endgame.
 ‘the final stage of the process of ending tobacco use’.
 zero or close to zero prevalence of tobacco use), complete (or close to) ending of commercial sale of tobacco and tobacco use being fully denormalised in society, with virtually nil exposure of children to tobacco use
I repeat -  

Tobacco use being fully denormalised in society, with virtually nil exposure of children to tobacco use.

To me, this is something that is completely offensive, in every way -  morally, ethically, spiritually, ideologically, politically. Smoking is a lifestyle choice, not a mosquito, or bacterial infection that needs stamping out. It is not an epidemic in the way of Polio or Ebola. It is not even genital mutilation.

I find it astonishing that smokers are given no consideration even though most smokers do not die from smoking. Well -  in the 1960s it was reportedly 1 in 5.  In the 1990s  it was 1 in 3.  And lately, it is " up to half of all smokers" die from smoking. So you can see that Tobacco Control nocebos of medical porn on packets of cigarettes are making smokers die even more quickly than they did before!  (no joke actually)

Smoking is a pleasurable activity. Vapers substitute vaping for smoking.  Smoking and vaping are inseparable. 

Whatever is said and done to smokers is being done to us. The same regulations will apply.

And they already are being - Where can you still Vape?

Where can you smoke?

I have heard vapers say "Don't vape where you can't smoke". The Smoking Bans are the problem because smoking and vaping are perceived as the SAME. 

That's why we need to demand consideration for smokers. We need to demand an end to their persecution. Without legal consideration for smokers, there will be no respite for vapers either.

There needs to be a change in attitude to how smokers are treated.The torture screw needs to stop turning on them in the Tobacco Control attempt to reach The End Game. If vapers just chill out thinking they don't have to defend smokers because they don't smoke, THEY are going to be crushed in the torture screw too. And it won't make the least little difference on how 'harm reducing' vaping is compared to smoking. It won't make one jot of difference!

Defending smokers, which we so recently were, is a vaper's duty. Vapers are simply smokers that vape instead of smoking.

Vapers AND smokers need to stand together against The End Game. It's a most evil totalitarian ideology to which controlling the people by legislation is being attached. It is vile in its guise of being about our 'health'!

Friday, 14 July 2017

Letter to Theresa May

12th May 2017

Dear Mrs May,

I have great admiration for you. I am wishing you the very best for the coming elections. We need your strength to deliver Brexit safely to our country.

There is something I am hoping you would clear up for me – and many others like me. I would like to know how our government can continue to perpetrate abusive legislation against smokers through its laws?

Gradually over the last twenty years, I have watched how Tobacco Control have infiltrated our Health System. Under Labour, a total indoor smoking ban was pushed through Parliament when smokers were expecting a partial ban. It worried me that the law entered private property. That is not moral. But at least smokers were allowed to smoke in their own homes, psychiatric wards, prison and space rented as their “home”. I believe that the ban greatly affected our economy and made misery for millions of British citizens. I am talking about personal misery, loneliness and the destruction of communities and hardship for the older generation.

This is serious stuff for me.

As the years go by, I see the influence of Tobacco Control gradually lobbying for more and more – and more legislation against the people of this country - out door smoking bans, private vehicle smoking bans, hidden stock in shops, and now medical porn on plain packs. Such nocebos on packaging are a crime against the health of the people!

All these things that have come to pass, are totalitarianism in it's purest form. I find it very frightening that a small funded elite group that know what's best for everyone in the name of health, can come to have such power in the Government of this country. I am shocked that the government has ALLOWED it.

Our United Kingdom has the most restrictive smoking regulations – and it's NOT because it's the European Union's “fault”. It's ours! Our government has believed Tobacco Control ideology, especially the Second Hand Smoke idea that they “manufactured” to make every smoker guilty of harming others and every non smoker fearful of smokers.

What is wrong with us? How are we so blind?

So I need to find out who speaks for smokers in our government?

Who will say this is enough legislation?

Who will say “Enough is enough! In fact we need a roll back to sanity.”?

Who will see that we now live in an abusive society where smokers have no consideration in any way whatsoever and the persecution simply increases?

Who is saying that the Tobacco Control Industry influence needs to be stopped?

Who is weighing up the cost of Tobacco Control in all its forms in money spent by the government, the cost of implementing their ideology, the cost of black marketing and lost taxes and the cost of the suffering of the people?

Who is questioning the morality of stopping smokers smoking in psychiatric wards, in prison, in their own offices in their own homes, in their own homes, in the open air, outside hospitals, on station platforms, on beaches – beaches!? This is not ethical.

Who in this coming election will be giving smokers ANY hope that the insanity of the few who desire “The Endgame “ i.e a smoker free world, will be curtailed? And their offences against smokers stopped? A persecution of Christians, Buddhists, Coffee drinkers, cyclists, biscuit nibblers or any other lifestyle choice would never be accepted in a fair country. Our thinking has been vitiated by design.

There are millions of smokers who are waiting to hear who will give them some consideration.

I am hoping YOUR government will have some consideration for the smokers who have had no voice, no power, no media support and no confidence to describe their pain.

Yours sincerely,